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Thinking About Starting Your Health Care Business? You've just knocked at the right door!


We can help you with the following:

Business start up; Business structure; Health Care Policies and Procedures Manuals Marketing Strategies; Workshop; Conferences.


We can provide you or your company with the following:

Workshops and or conferences; Health Care topics; Nursing Agency Start-up.

  1. Policies and Procedures Manual for Private Duty & Non-Medical Home Care Companies

   2.  Starting-up or Re-defining Your Business Policies and Procedures


Policies That We Write for Your Business:

 - Health Care Policy and Procedure Writing

 - Business Proposals

 - Custom Business Policy Writing

 - Comprehensive Editing 

 - Business Plan

 - Manuscript Writing

 - Grant Writing

 - Screenplays

 - Marketing Plans 

 - Web Site Design

 - Business Cards

 - Magnetic Business Cards

 - Your Business Yearly Calendar

 - Your Company Brochure


JPS Health Services offers you all of the information you need to start and grow your private duty home care business to include:

  • Administration and Office Management

  • Documentation and Record Keeping 

  • In-Service Education   

  • Finance

  • Legal Issues 

  • Human Resources   

  • Marketing 

  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management.   


Complete Table of Contents

Our Consultants will develop the following for your business:

Administration & Office Management

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • Organizational Charts

  • Vision Statements

  • Business Plan Outline

  • Business Process Chart

  • Business Process Outline

  • Staff Meeting Agenda

  • Task Sheet (Reminder of Things-To-Do)

  • Office Staff Expense Record

  • On-Call Report

  • Client Monthly Calendar

  • Employee Schedule Calendar

  • Documentation & Record Keeping



The information included in the Education chapter is used to enhance the educational programs that can be used to continually educate the agency's employees:

Forms, Policies & Procedures included:

  • In-Service Education Topics for Training Programs

  • Program Evaluation

  • Tips for Listening


Health Care Services Start Up

Disease Awareness; Business Development; Training.

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