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Professional Rescuer Training.

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JPS Health Service offers a Professional Rescuer Training that surpasses OSHA standards to provide a  safe work place in Industrial and Emergency environment.


Specialized Training Programs for Industrial and Fire/Rescuer.

In-depth, hands-on training has become our trademark.


We have found that this hands-on approach helps attendees retain more information and makes them better able to apply this knowledge in  actual rescues. JPS Health Services instructors are certified in Training for all Technical Rescue Classes.


Our Instructors are State Certified Professional trainers with actual experience. JPS Services provides safe innovative training with professional staff to help meet all your specialized training needs.



Upon Completion of your course, you will be a vital part of  an emergency cardiovascular care management- to save lives.  Part of the skills you will be taught is Basic and Pediatric Life Support. As healthcare professionals, JPS Health Services  is  committed to the “chain of survival”.   

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JPS Health Services Instructor offers  the training of persons ranging from the lay rescuer, to the first responder, to EMTs, to the emergency room physician.