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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:. How do you screen your skilled and non-skilled nursing staff?     

Answer:. Prior to being invited to our office for an interview, applicants are initially screened over the phone for our minimum requirements, which include but are not limited to a good command of the English language, proof of the necessary training, proof of the necessary credentials and work experience.

Once invited to our office, each applicant fills an extensive application packet, complete a skills assessment under the supervision of our Registered Nurse Supervisor and all documents are verified.

We then conduct a one-on-one, face-to-face interview; verify their training, qualifications, health history, criminal background checks and employment & character references. While interviewing candidates, we assess their communication and inter-personal skills on an individual basis.

We look for applicants that possess personal qualities such as respect, integrity, honesty, sound judgment and reflect a sincere desire to care for another person. These values are the foundation of JPS Health Services.


Question:. Do your staff drive? Do they have their own cars?

Answer:. Yes, while some staff may not drive, we do have many staff who drive and some with their own cars. Please be sure to request a driver if you need one.

Question:. How long must I wait for a staff  to begin, once I’ve placed my request for service?
Answer:. Often we can begin on the same day; however, giving some advance notice (two or three days) is preferred.


Question:. What do I do if I want to make changes in my care schedule?

Answer:. We welcome you to keep an open dialog  our staff & staffing coordinator, but please communicate schedule changes to the office so that we can verify the staff’s availability as well as for book keeping purposes.

Question:. What if my caregiver becomes unexpectedly ill or has some emergency and cannot come?
Answer:. We always have caregivers on standby as well as caregivers coming on and off other assignments. We follow up on all alerts to ensure continuous coverage and upon confirmation that a caregiver is unable to make it to their assignment, we will arrange for a substitute caregiver.


Question:. Do you accept long term insurance?

Answer:. Yes, in fact we have established relationships with reputable long term care insurance companies and provide service to their clients. We will be happy to assist you in filing claims.

Question:. In case of an emergency or if I call on the weekend, can I speak to a live person?
Answer:. Yes, we have an easy, yet sophisticated communication system that enables you to connect with our on-call person, not an answering service. Just call our regular office number (410)426-4411 or (443)310-1205 and you will be connected with one of our staff, 24/7.


Question:. How does the billing/paying process work?

Answer:. Our caregivers are employees of JPS Health services and are paid by us.  We bill you or your payer source every two weeks for services and request that we receive funds prior to the end of each billing cycle. Caregivers fill weekly timesheets showing the hours worked and services performed, which they submit to the office as a record of their work.


Question:. Can I interview a prospective caregiver?

Answer:. Yes, interviews are encouraged if there is time. There is no charge for interviewing candidates.