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Could This Be You, By Veronica Brown


ISBN-10: 1413761801


Could This Be You?


I wrote this book bearing in mind that some people behave in a most obnoxious way and do not even know it.


This book is intended to positively impact lives. My intended audience is vast and varies from: A teenager who is about to or is experiencing peer pressure, who needs to know what good moral values are; to a young adult who is not yet formed and believes in pleasing others rather than him/herself; to someone who has refused to be educated socially, intellectually and feels that the only way now to survive is to be a terror; to someone who also goes with anything in vogue either good or bad; to a fully grown adult who has been the same way for over two decades and still feels his/her ways of life are perfect, no matter what his/her entourage says.


To married couples who have difficult relationship, due to outside acquaintances; to older adults who have gone through life using curse words, passing it on from generation to generation.


To anyone who has bad friends influencing their ways of life, ruining their peaceful homes, and to those who do not really know what good/bad manners are. To people who already know they are in bad relationships?


Yes, because their relationships might be bad because of their upbringing or their ways of being.

Remember, people always think they are right because they have always been the way the are, but self reflection is the best way to change behavioral problems.


If after reading this book, you identify with problems noted; or that your spouses indicate to you as the cause of relationship problems you have, you must then try to change your ways of doing things.


This book is also addressed to professionals because it talks about how to avoid toxic acquaintances even in the place of work. This book is a good influence on people who are receiving therapy or people who may have no clue they have a behavioral problem.

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